On our Campus, we create, live and walk through an unique space of learning along 3 major training lines composed by 9 modules given by our international trainers as experienced specialists and practitionners. The yearly teaching and Campus period are specified in the actual Call for Registration, launched 4 months before each Campus.

Personal transformation to peace

Promote your inner capability to STAND FOR PEACE"

Personal resourcing in guided reflection: your life experience and your working reality as a Peace Builder. My links with "myself", with "the other", with "the environment" and with "the transcendence". C-R-I-T-E-R-E as comprehensive framework for my action.

From analysis to action

Identify ourselves as pro-active PEACE BUILDER

To experience concrete situations and action for peace we will travel to practitioners on conflict management in our host country allowing us to identify "lessons learned" and to develop new strategies of peace and non-violent management of conflict in our own context.

Tools for social change

Train our catalyst capacity TOWARDS PEACEFUL CHANGE

Tools and methods in positive and non-violent management of tensions, of siutations of disagreement and conflicts, of consensual dialogue. Successful and non-violent communication and social community mediation and negotiation.

14th CAMPUS in french and english CONGO (Brazza)

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UPABP - Panafrican Union of Peace Builders
The network of 250 Laureates of 15 years' UPA: Peace Builders from 30 countries, in various responsibilities and strategic positions. They join their efforts in GEP-Groups (Group of Transformation to Peace) in their country: "It is not how far we have came, but how far we can go"

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PROGRAMM INOVAR -  Intervention NOn-Violente Active et Rapide (en Afrique)

Teams of panafrican Peace Builders (from UPA alumni) join local activities of deses-calation, violence prevention, conflict management and mediation in diect intervention for several months at selected communities
2010/11 Burundi/RDCongo
2014/16 RCA et Cameroun
2016/19 RCA
2019/22 RCA, Cam, Burundi

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FRANCE National Award of
HumanRights 2013
UNESCO PrixConfucius 2011
HARUBUNTU Tchad 2010
and IvoryCoast 2009
UNHCR PeacePrice 2006

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